Sustaining Change Workgroup

The Sustaining Change workgroup is a collaborative workgroup with representation from local and state stakeholders who oversee the development, implementation and ongoing evaluation of the statewide Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) effort. This over-sight includes: 1) Assuring that the CQI effort continues to connect to the vision of the continuous quality improvement principles; 2) Moni-toring the expansion of the statewide CQI effort; and 3) Ensuring that there is consistency to the statewide standard of practice.

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It is important to note that the work that the Sustaining Change Workgroup will oversee each phase of the CQI process, focused on the statewide implementation of the CQI effort, not the county-specific implementation of the CQI effort. The Sustaining Change workgroup will be responsible for the review, revision and monitoring of the following products and processes connected to the CQI effort: the Quality Service Review (QSR) Manual; the QSR Protocol; the statewide CQI process and the application of the DAPIM™ frame-work; QSR trainings; technical assistance support to county-specific Site Lead teams; application of county-specific data into statewide reports on the CQI effort; ongoing roll-out and capacity planning for the CQI effort; alignment and consideration of state and federal man-dates concerning the Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) and CQI; and gathering, analyzing and sharing data gathered through the CQI effort and monitoring of trends associated with PA's Practice Model to assure connection to statewide policy and practice.

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