PA Citizen Review Panels





The Pennsylvania Citizen Review Panels welcome public comment on Pennsylvania's child protection system. Comments assist the panels in the assessment of the impact of current policies, procedures, and practices upon children and families in the communities across the state.

If you have any questions or comments regarding membership, function or purpose of the panels, feel free to contact the program development specialist at the email address listed below. You will receive a response shortly thereafter.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding citizen review panels.

1. What are citizen review panels?

Citizen Review Panels are federally mandated volunteer panels charged with evaluating the child protective services system. In Pennsylvania there are three regional panels which are located in the northeast, northwest, and south central regions of the state.

2. What do they do?

Panel members examine the policies, procedures, and practices of child protective services and issues annual reports with recommendations in accordance with CAPTA.

3. How often do the panels meet?

Panels meet at least quarterly, but more often if needed.

4. How long is the commitment to the citizen review panels?

A panel member must be willing to commit to two to three years of service.

5. What if I have specific questions about a case or situation involving children?

If you feel a child is experiencing abuse, abandonment, or neglect please contact Pennsylvania’s Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-932-0313. Otherwise, submit your question or comment through online submission or email and a program development specialist will contact you.