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203: Overview of Child Sexual Abuse

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Overview of Child Sexual Abuse

Appendix 1: (Continuum Answers)
Appendix 1a: (Megan’s Law FAQs)
Appendix 2: (Adult Offender Activity Items)
Appendix 3: (Juvenile Offender Activity Items)
Appendix 4: (Non-Offending Parent General Considerations)
Appendix 5: (Title 55 Pa. Code §3490.55)

Handout 1: Overview of Child Sexual Abuse PowerPoint Handout
Handout 2: Agenda/Idea Catcher
Handout 3: Values/Beliefs Survey
Handout 4: Knowledge Quiz
Handout 5: Legal Definitions
Handout 6: Clinical Definitions
Handout 7: Common Grooming Techniques
Handout 8: Possible Indicators
Handout 9: Effects of Sexual Abuse
Handout 10: Factors that Influence Traumatic Effects
Handout 11: Sex Offender Dynamics
Handout 12: Engaging Non-Offending Parents
Handout 13: Siblings
Handout 14: Family Dynamics
Handout 15: Substantiating Child Sexual Abuse
Handout 16: Separating the Perpetrator and Child
Handout 17: Effects of the Investigation
Handout 18: Sexual Abuse Services
Handout 19: Visitation
Handout 20: Visitation Case Scenario
Handout 21: When Considering Reunification Readiness
Handout 22: Preventing Secondary Trauma/Burnout
Handout 23: Action Plan
Handout 24: References

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