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203: Working with Juveniles Who Sexually Offend

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1: Juveniles who Sexually Offend
1.5: Juveniles who Sexually Offend - Slide Notes
2: Agenda/Idea Catcher
3: Competencies and Learning Objectives
4: What's in it for Children and Families? (WIIFCF)
5: Sexualized Behaviors That Cause Concern
6: Adolescents Who Engaged In Sexually Abusive Behavior
7: Things To Consider When Working With Children
8: Special Populations Who Have Engaged In Sexually Abusive Behavior
9: Factors To Consider
10: Sexualized Behaviors Case Scenarios
11: CPSL: Release Of Information In Confidential Reports
12: The Clinical Assessment
13: Case Scenario: John
14:Assessment Domains
15: Ongoing Assessment
16: General Reoffending Risk Factors
17: Asessment: Part I
17: Goals and Targeted Outcome
18: Treatment Targets
19: Purposes of Prosecution
20: Federal Legislation Sex Offender Registration
21: Megan's Law Old vs. New
22: Assessment Of Family Dynamics
23: Assessment: Part II
24: Treatment Milestones Necessary for Reunification
25: Process for Reunification
26: Additional Resources
27: References

1: Agenda
2: True or False Quiz
3: Sexualized Behaviors – Case Scenarios
4: Theories About the Etiology of Sexual Offending
5: Cultural Factors to Consider
6: Supervision Strategies
7: My Greatest Concern Is…

Trainer Resource:
TR #1: In the Interest of J.B.

1: True or False Quiz Answers
2: Pennsylvania’s Safety Threats