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305: Engaging Incarcerated Parents

Pre-Work (Participant Letter)
Pre-Work (Pre-Work Assignment)

Workshop Directory Page

Handout 1: (Agenda/Idea Catcher)
Handout 2: (Engaging Incarcerated Parents Survey)
Handout 3: (The Effects of Incarceration)
Handout 4: (Reasons to Engage the Parent and Advocate for Contact/Visitation)
Handout 5: (Children of Incarcerated Parents Bill of Rights)
Handout 6: (Barriers to Engagement)
Handout 7: (Working Collaboratively to Overcome the Barriers)
Handout 8: (Parenting from a Distance: Ideas for Separated Families)
Handout 9: (Resources)
Handout 10: (10 Things to do to Support Children of Incarcerated Parents)
Handout 11: (Autobiography in Five Short Chapters)
Handout 12: (Transfer of Learning)
Handout 13: (Bibliography and Other Resources)

Overhead 1: (Workshop Competency & Learning Objectives)
Overhead 2: (Workshop Agenda)
Overhead 3: (Incarceration and Children in the United States)
Overhead 4: (The Effects of Incarceration)
Overhead 5: (Reasons Given for Not Engaging the Incarcerated Parent)
Overhead 6: (Reasons to Engage the Parent and Advocate for Contact Visitation)
Overhead 7: (Aggravated Circumstances)
Overhead 8: (Barriers to Engagement)
Overhead 9: (Malcolm X Quote)
Overhead 10: (Dr. Karl Menninger Quote)
Overhead 11: (Programs/Services Frequently Available in Correction Facilities)

Appendix 1: (Now What? A Guide for Parents) – Word/PDF Document and PFSA Brochure
Appendix 2: (Parenting from the Inside) – Word/PDF Document and PFSA Brochure
Appendix 3: (Staying Involved with Your Children While Incarcerated) – Word/PDF Document and NFI Brochure
Appendix 4: (How to Create a Reentry Plan) – Word/PDF Document and NFI Brochure
Appendix 5: (Reaching Out: Current Issues in Child Welfare Practice in Rural Communities)



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