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411: Overview of Child Welfare and Fiscal

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Handout #1: PowerPoint Handout
Handout #2: Agenda & Learning Objectives
Handout #3: Questions to Answer
Handout #4: Purpose of Child Welfare Services
Handout #5: The Adoption and Safe Families Act
Handout #6: The Child Protective Services Law
Handout #7: The Juvenile Act
Handout #8: Public Welfare Regulations Title 55 Pa Code
Handout #9: The Casework Process
Handout #10: Basic Health Information Form
Handout #11: Case Scenario
Handout #12: Social Security Act, Title IV
Handout #13: Major Service Categories and Cost Centers
Handout #14: Client Information Packet
Handout #15: Actual Invoices
Handout #16: Expense Report
Handout #17: Revenue Report
Handout #18: Child Welfare Fiscal Cycle
Handout #19: Service Projection Examples
Handout #20: Service Contract
Handout #21: Budget Summary
Handout #22: Action Plan
Handout #23: References

Please note that in the original version of the content the PowerPoint presentation contained embedded links to an Invoice Package in an Excel spreadsheet. Due to limitations associated with posting items on the web, we could not embed the links in the online version of the presentation. Below you will find two download links: one to the PowerPoint and one to the Invoice Package. If using the online version of the presentation, when the time comes in the presentation to refer to the Invoice Package, you will need to exit the presentation and manually open the invoice package.

If you would like the original version of the PowerPoint presentation on Compact Disc, please feel free to contact the Resource Center.

411: Overview of Child Welfare and Fiscal PowerPoint
411: Invoice Package (Excel Spreadsheet)

Appendix #1: Roles
Appendix #2: Roles Guide and Information
Appendix #3: Federal, State, County Key Points
Appendix #4: Federal, State, County Key Points - Answer Key

CD Resources:
CD Item #1: Child Welfare TANF Services - Policies and Procedures Manual
CD Item #2: Temporary Assitance for Needy (TANF) Procedures
CD Item #3: Act 148 Invoicing Procedures for County Child Welfare Services
CD Item #4: Chapter 3700
CD Item #5: Permanent Legal Custodian Policy
CD Item #6: Needs-Based Plan/Budget Amendment Submission Procedures and Review Criteria
CD Item #7: Budget Amendment
CD Item #8: Federal title IV-E Invoicing Procedures Manual
CD Item #9: Safety Assessment and Management Process Reference Manual