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9000 Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Module 1
- Federal and State Laws and Victimology/ Trauma-Informed Care
    E-LEARN Catalog ID # 1987

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children is divided into two modules. The purpose of module one is for child welfare professionals to identify federal and state laws and policies related to the definition and prevention of sex trafficking and to recognize evidence-based approaches to assist children and youth who are, or are at risk of becoming, victims of CSEC.
This workshop is eligible for 2 continuing education credit hours.

Following this one hour training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify federal and state laws, benefits, and protections for consistency with policies related to protecting children and youth who are victims of or at risk of commercial sexual exploitation
  • Recognize the psychological impact of commercial sexual exploitation of children and the corresponding approach to victims

How to access online trainings:

  • 1. Obtain your user name and password by emailing
  • 2. Go to
  • 3. Enter your user name and password. If you wish to change your password-click on Edit Profile.
  • 4. Click on the Course Catalog icon at the top of the screen.
  • 5. Scroll down to 1987:Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Module 1- Federal and State Laws and Victimology/Trauma-Informed Care.
  • 6. Click on the Green Plus Sign at the right of the screen to enroll in the course.
  • 7. Click yes when the dialog box prompts you to enroll
  • 8. Click the My Courses icon (first tab at the top of the screen)
  • 9. Choose the online training you wish to participate in by clicking on the title of the workshop and then the orange arrow to the left of the screen
  • 10. Certificate of completion will be available to print for your records after the course and evaluation are completed

**Contact Rachael Ickes ( or 717-795-9048) with any questions or issues.