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Module 1: Introduction to Pennsylvania’s Child Welfare System
(1 day - 6 hours)

Module 1 of Charting the Course, Introduction to Pennsylvania's Child Welfare System, introduces the new child welfare professional to the evolution of child welfare services in the United States and the role that values and laws have in the provision of child welfare services today. An introduction to the Pennsylvania child welfare system, its practice model and its casework process based on Strength-Based and Solution-Focused concepts also will be provided. The interdependence between child welfare practice and the federal and state laws that govern child welfare practice and process by which practitioners are held accountability through Child Family Service Review critical outcome will be explained. This workshop is eligible for 6 Continuing Education credit hours.

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Handout 1: Power Point
Handout 2: Introduction Bingo
Handout 3: Learning Objectives
Handout 4: Agenda
Handout 5: New Caseworker Packet
Handout 6: Charting the Course Towards Permanency For Children in Pennsylvania Modules
Handout:7: Idea Catcher/Action Plan
Handout 8: Timeline of Major Federal Child Welfare Legislation
Handout 9: Child and Family Service Reviews
Handout 10: Multi-Ethnic Placement Act as amended by the Inter-Ethnic Placement Act (MEPA-IEPA) Guide
Handout 11: Multi-Ethnic Placement Act (MEPA) and Inter-Ethnic Placement Act (IEPA) Screening Aid
Handout 12: Summary of Major Federal Legislations (1974 to present)
Handout 13: Office of Children, Youth, & Families Bulletin #3130-09-01: Implementation of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978
Handout 14: Summary of Pennsylvania Law Bulletins and Regulations
Handout 15: References

Appendix 1: Additional Participant Materials
Appendix 2: Prepared Cards
Appendix 3: Prepared Sentence Strips
Appendix 4: Act 31 Flyer

Poster 1: Pennsylvania Child Welfare Practice Model
Poster 2: Timeline of Major Federal Child Welfare Legislation

PowerPoint Items:
Module 1: Introduction to Pennsylvania's Child Welfare System
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Trainer Resources:
Trainer Resource 1

Other Resources:
Resource Manual