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Module 10: Making Permanent Connections: Outcomes for Professional Development
(1 day – 6 hours)

Module 10 of Charting the Course: Making Permanent Connections: Outcomes for Professional Development is designed to assist child welfare professionals to apply their child welfare practice knowledge and skills, such as a strength-based, solution-focused perspective, to personal growth and professional development. They will explore how to apply critical thinking skills, combined with ethics and trauma-informed care principles, to promote a successful and stress-reducing decision-making process. Practical tips for personal safety and well-being will be provided and participants will begin to identify ongoing training and activities necessary for continuing professional development. This workshop is eligible for 6 Continuing Education credit hours (CE's).

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Handout 1: Matching Game
Handout 2: Agenda
Handout 3: Basic Principles to Assure Physical Safety
Handout 4: Questions for Self-Reflection
Handout 5: Managing Time Based on Priorities
Handout 6: Tips to Reduce Stress
Handout 7: Ethical Dilemmas
Handout 8: Things To Do
Handout 9: How the Pieces Fit Together
Handout 10: Professional Development Plan
Handout 11: Congratulations on Your Accomplishment
Handout 12: References

Overhead 1: Learning Objectives
Overhead 2: Competencies
Overhead 3: Effective Ways of Coping
Overhead 4: Ethical Considerations
Overhead 5: Benefit of Critical Thinking
Overhead 6: Goal Identification
Overhead 7: Continuous Quality Improvement
Overhead 8: Pennsylvania Practice Principles
Overhead 9: Advice for Child Welfare Professionals

PowerPoint Items:
Module 10: Making Permanent Connections: Outcomes for Professional Development
Powerpoint Handouts

Trainer Resources:
Trainer Resource 1: Matching Game Answer Key
Trainer Resource 2: How the Pieces Fit Together Answer Sheet