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Module 5: Risk Assessment
(2 days – 12 hours)

Module 5 of Charting the Course, Risk Assessment, introduces new child welfare professionals to the Pennsylvania Model for Risk Assessment used to assess the overall level of risk of a child being abused or neglected in the near future. The workshop provides the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use this tool as an aid in assuring the child's safety and well-being through the foreseeable future. The workshop includes using the tool in accordance with federal mandates, state laws and regulations,and practice standards that guide the use of the risk assessment tool. Child welfare professionals are also reminded of the appropriate Interactional Helping Skills that would be used while performing this process of assessing risk. This workshop is eligible for 12 Continuing Education credit hours (CE's).

Workshop Directory Page

Handout 1: Learning Objectives and Competencies
Handout 2: Agenda
Handout 3: Quiz: Pennsylvania Risk Assessment
Handout 4: Risk Assessment Qualities
Handout 5: Pennsylvania Risk Assessment Case Interval Policy
Handout 6: Identification of Safety Threats and Risk Factors
Handout 7: A Reference Manual for the Pennsylvania Model of Risk Assessment
Handout 8: Pennsylvania Model Risk Assessment Form
Handout 9: Instructions for Completing The Risk Assessment Form
Handout 10: Match That Risk
Handout 11: Caretaker & Family Environment Video Exercise Worksheet
Handout 12: Risk/Severity Continuum
Handout 13: Williams Family Exercise
Handout 14: Blank Pennsylvania Model Risk Assessment Form
Handout 15: Establishing and Documenting Overall Severity and Overall Risk
Handout 16: Completed Williams Family Risk Assessment
Handout 17: Completed Williams Family Risk Assessment Summary
Handout 18: Initial Smith Family Risk Assessment
Handout 19: Steps in Case Transfer
Handout 20: References

Poster 1: Pennsylvania Model Risk Assessment Form

PowerPoint Items:
Module 5: Risk Assessment
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Table Resource #2: Key Questions