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Module 6: Case Planning with Families
(2 days – 12 hours)

Module 6 of Charting the Course, Case Planning with Families, introduces new child welfare professionals to the knowledge and skills that are required to do effective service planning with families; and introduces them to the standardized Family Service Plan and Family Service Plan Review forms used in Pennsylvania. In this workshop, the child welfare professionals have an opportunity to learn the family service planning process and to practice it with a case. In this workshop, child welfare professionals will learn what is expected of them according to Pennsylvania laws and regulations when making referrals to other agencies, monitoring service delivery and evaluating service delivery outcomes. Connections to the Federal Child and Family Services Review standards will also be made. This workshop is eligible for 12 Continuing Education credit hours.

Workshop Directory Page

Handout 1: Learning Objectives
Handout 2: Agenda
Handout 3: Act 55: Family Finding and Kinship Care
Handout 4: Steps in the Family Service Planning Process
Handout 5: Family Service Planning-Incorporating Safety and Risk Assessments
Handout 6: Screening, Evaluation & Assessment
Handout 7: ASQ in a Nutshell
Handout 8: ICWA Screening Form
Handout 9: Indian Child Welfare Act Desk Aid
Handout 10: Safe Sleep Environment Screening
Handout 11: Building a Comprehensive Family Assessment
Handout 12: Family Service Plan Definitions
Handout 13: FSP Goals
Handout 14: Guidelines for Choosing a Specific Service Provider
Handout 15: Family Service Plan
Handout 16: Smith Family Service Plan
Handout 17: Standard Information When Making a Referral
Handout 18: Confidentiality Laws and Regulations
Handout 19: Case Examples
Handout 20: Family Service Plan Review Requirements
Handout 21: Assessing Progress of Family Service Plans
Handout 22: Summarizing and Identifying Next Steps
Handout 23: FSP Reviews
Handout 24: Observation Checklist of Summarization
Handout 25: Action Plan
Handout 26: References

Appendix 1: Protective Capacity Resource

PowerPoint Items:
Module 6: Case Planning with Families
Powerpoint Handouts

Trainer Resources:
Trainer Resource 1: Summary of 3130 Regulations Related to Family Service Planning
Trainer Resource 2: Early Intervention Eligibility
Trainer Resource 3: Developing the Comprehensive Family Assessment

Safety Manual