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Module 7: The Court Process
(1 days – 6 hours)

Module 7 of Charting the Course, The Court Process, will introduce the juvenile court process to the new child welfare professional from the point of filing an initial petition for dependency through the termination of parental rights. The time lines and critical decisions as well as the caseworker's responsibility at each stage of the juvenile court process will be identified. The critical importance of case documentation and the caseworker's role in preparing him or herself, the child, parent and other service providers also will be reviewed. This workshop is eligible for 6 Continuing Education credit hours.

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Handout 1: Learning Objectives
Handout 2: Agenda
Handout 3: Idea Catcher/Action Plan
Handout 4: Dependency Court Hearings
Handout 5: Court Participants: Roles, Rights and Responsibilities
Handout 6: Guardian ad litem Powers and Duties
Handout 7: Court-Appointed Special Advocate Powers and Duties
Handout 8: Definition of a Dependent Child
Handout 9: Pennsylvania's Required Preventive or Reunification Services
Handout 10: In the Interest of R.F. and C.F.
Handout 11: Procedures for Protective Custody by Police and County Agency
Handout 12: Aggravated Circumstances
Handout 13: Dependency Petition
Handout 14: Smith Family Updated Case Note and Safety Assessment
Handout 15: Courtroom Preparation
Handout 16: Evidence Chart
Handout 17: References

PowerPoint Items:
Module 7: The Court Process
Powerpoint Handouts

Trainer Reources:
Trainer Resource 1: In the Interest of James Feidler, Robert Feidler and Christopher Feidler
Trainer Resource 2: Hummel Family Safety Assessment, Part 1
Trainer Resource 3: Hummel Family Safety Assessment, Part 2

Trainer Resource #4: MEPA-IEPA Guide
Trainer Resource #5: MEPA-IEPA Screening Aid