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Module 8:Assessing Safety in Out-of-Home Care
(12 hours)

This 2-day workshop focuses on assessing safety of children who are placed out of home. This workshop builds on concepts learned in Module 4: An Introduction to the Safety Assessment and Management Process, in particular the understanding of Protective Capacities and Safety Threats, as well as the Six Assessment Domains from Module 3: Using Interactional Helping Skills to Achieve Lasting Change. Placing a child in an out-of-home care living arrangement does not automatically mean that the child is safe. This workshop will provide a specific approach for child welfare professionals to assess, judge, and confirm that a child will be safe when placed. This assessment process begins once the decision has been made and confirmed by the court that the child should be placed and continues until the child is reunified or they have achieved another permanency goal. The workshop will also address key components of conducting a quality visit with children in an out-of-home care setting and gathering information to inform decision making. Participants will also learn how to use the Out-of-Home Care Safety Assessment Worksheet and Safety Indicators as a guide when conducting assessments and making safety-related decisions. This workshop is eligible for 12 continuing education credit hours (CE's).

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PowerPoint Items:
Module 8:Assessing Safety in Out-of-Home Care

Handout #1: PowerPoint Presentation
Handout #2: Agenda & Overall Learning Objectives
Handout #3: Action Plan
Handout #4: Glossary of Terms
Handout #5: The Process for Assessing Safety in Out-of-Home Care
Handout #6: Impact of Trauma and Maltreatment on Child and Adolescent Development
Handout #7: Talking with Children about Placement
Handout #8: Preparing Children-Youth for Placement
Handout #9: Children in Foster Care Act Requirements
Handout #10: Present Danger: Definitions and Examples
Handout #11: The Hawes Family & Darlene's Mother Case Scenario
Handout #12: Present Danger Assessment: Out-of-Home Care Settings Worksheet
Handout #13: Out-of-Home Care Safety Assessment: Safety Indicators & Characteristics
Handout #14: Applying What You Know: Thinking About Safety
Handout #15: Information Collection: Key Points
Handout #16: Quality Visitation
Handout #17: Information Collection: Safety in Out-of-Home Care Sample Interview Questions
Handout #18: Scenario for Participants: Round Robin Exercise Information Collection
Handout #19: Out-of-Home Care Safety Assessment Worksheet
Handout #20: Out-of-Home Care Safety Assessment Worksheet Instructions
Handout #21: Safety Analysis: A Closer Look at the Analysis Questions
Handout #22: A Brief on the Allison Foster Family from the Foster Care Application
Handout #23: Out-of-Home Care Safety Assessment Worksheet Sample

Poster #1: Out-of-Home Care Safety Assessment Worksheet

Appendix #1: CTC: Mod 9 Pre-test Instructions