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The Pennsylvania Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) Leadership Team remains committed to the PA FGDM Statewide Evaluation. The evaluation is advised by the FGDM Evaluation Committee and managed by the University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center (PACWRC). Participation in the evaluation is voluntary.

Statewide Evaluation Dashboard
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This open-access dashboard provides an overview of FGDM evaluation data from across the state in charts, graphs and tables to allow for easier interpretation of evaluation results. Users may also view and filter statewide data specific to their interests and needs.

The dashboard includes data submitted for inclusion in the Statewide Evaluation and may not represent all the conferences held statewide. The dashboard includes data for FGDM conferences held after July 1, 2015.

Dashboard Video Tutorial

Evaluation Portal
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The FGDM Evaluation Portal allows users to enter evaluation data using online forms and view evaluation information through a county-specific dashboard.

Log-in credentials are required.

Please contact for more information about the Pennsylvania FGDM Statewide Evaluation.