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Foundations of Pennsylvania Child Welfare Practice:
Building Competence, Confidence, and Compassion

What is Foundations? Our revision and redesign of Charting the Course

  • Incorporation of the newly designed child welfare competencies
  • Similar content as it relates to the core issues of safety, permanency and well-being
  • Additional focus on topics such as personal safety, retention and self-care
  • Enhanced partnerships between CWRC and counties, as we provide the training and the counties provide the practice setting where workers apply their new skills.

Intro Video to Foundations Team-Based learning & Simulation Video Take Online Modules: E-Learn
Foundations Reference Manual - .zip file Child & Adolescent Development Resource Book Pennsylvania Child Welfare Competencies
In-Person References


Delivery of content will be done through:

  • Short online courses designed to provide basic knowledge
  • Traditional classroom and simulation-type settings
  • Specific activities to reinforce new knowledge and apply skills to their work