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521: Strength-Based, Solution-Focused Supervision

Workshop Directory Page

Handouts for Coaching
Handout 1: Learning Objectives & Competencies
Handout 2: Agenda
Handout 3: Open Systems Model
Handout 4: Supervisory Tasks Activity Guide
Handout 5: The Interactional Helping Model
Handout 6: 7 Key Solution-Focused Strategies
Handout 7: Unit Meeting Protocol
Handout 8: Activity Guide: Strengths & Barriers
Handout 9: Worker Professional Development
Handout 10: Outline for a Supervisory Conference
Handout 11: Demonstrated in the Strength-Based, Solution-Focused Supervisor/Worker Conference
Handout 12: Strength-Based, Solution-Focused Supervisor/Worker Conference

Handout 13: Directive, Non-Strength Based Supervisor/Worker Conference
Handout 14: Transfer Of Learning Activity
Handout 15: Bibliography

Overhead 1: Learning Objectives
Overhead 2: Competencies
Overhead 3: Agenda
Overhead 4: The Strength-Based, Solution-Focused Approach Defined
Overhead 5: Open Systems Model
Overhead 6: Critical Supervision Requirements
Overhead 7: SBSFA Implementation Tools
Overhead 8: Activity Instructions: First Steps
Overhead 9: Unit Meeting Protocol
Overhead 10: Worker Professional Development
Overhead 11: Benefits of SBSFA Conferencing
Overhead 12: Solutions: SBSF vs. Directive
Overhead 13: Outcomes: SBSF vs. Directive
Overhead 14: Open Systems Model Revisited
Overhead 15: What SBSFA Can & Can’t do

Strength-Based, Solution-Focused Supervisor/Worker Conference answer key
Skills Associated with the Interactional Phases
Solution-Focused Interviewing Skills

The Best Outcome for me from this training would be...
A Challenge I face in supervision is…
To feel comfortable and actively participate I need the trainer to be/do…
To feel comfortable and actively participate I need group members to be/do...