Welcome! This page provides resources and helpful information to Foundations Advisors and anyone who would like to learn more about the Foundations Advisor Role.

What is Foundations?
Foundations of Pennsylvania Child Welfare Practice: Building Confidence, Competence and Compassion (also known as Foundations) is the direct service worker certification series for new child welfare professionals in Pennsylvania.

What is a Foundations Advisor?
Staff designed by county agencies to support new child welfare professionals completing the Foundations Series. Advisors and new child welfare professionals work together throughout the Foundations series to complete a total of eight (8) field work assignments.

What is Foundations Field Work?
While completing the Foundations Series, new child welfare professionals work on structured assignments, called field work, with their designated advisor. Foundations field work promotes the opportunity for new child welfare professionals to transfer learning from training sessions to the field and county/agency specific practices while working toward their direct service worker certification.

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