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The Organizational Effectiveness/Regional Team Department at the Child Welfare Resource Center helps to support organizational change and the implementation of best practice across Pennsylvania.

In partnership with county child and youth agencies, we engage in Continuous Quality Improvement efforts to make systems change and best meet their mission, vision and values. Using an Organizational Effectiveness framework, we facilitate work sessions that allows participants to develop goals, set priorities, and implement work products along with identifying training, transfer of learning and technical assistance supports.

But, in all we do, much like children and youth agencies serve families individually, we meet organizations where they are using our models, tools and skills to assist them with moving forward towards positive outcomes.

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After initially being 'volunteered' for this process, I have come to love it.  I really like the process DAPIM. It lets you look at how everything fits together.
I think this process...really caused a paradigm shift within the agency. The culture changed to become more family friendly and engaging.
We were able to decrease the number of duplicated intakes, increase the number of workers, and more thoroughly assess the cases that were coming in.
Our Practice Improvement Specialist made implementing concurrent planning attainable. Without this help, it was difficult to wrap our heads around coming up with a plan. Our Practice Improvement Specialist has always been available to this agency in all regards, not just concurrent planning. She is excellent with clarifying policies to our staff, which our agency has done several different times