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Welcome to the county children and youth agency Administrator webpage! The files below contain information that can be utilized by Administrators to assist them to learn about CWRC and for ongoing work. A variety of information is contained in these files which will allow you to work collaboratively with the Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center. After reviewing this information, if you have any questions, please contact a member of the regional team serving your county.

For information on current and future events and trainings please go to Training Calendars and Events.

Resources Topic Posted
Needs-Based Plan and Budget (NBPB) Overview Fiscal 08/14/18
Child Welfare Financing 101 Fiscal 05/23/18
CWRC Annual Report Annual Report 11/16/16
Certification 2008 Certification 11/16/16
CQI QSR Practice Model Overview CQI QSR 11/16/16
PA Child Welfare Practice Model Practice Model 11/16/16
QSR Brochure (Reviewers) QSR 11/16/16
General Information PACWRC General Information 11/16/16
Individual Training Needs Assessment Individual Training Needs Assessment 11/16/16
Resource Center Liaison Roles and Responsibilities Liaison Roles and Responsibilities 11/16/16
Registration Can Be Handled in 3 Ways Registration 11/16/16
CWRC Training Changes Including Weather Concerns Training Changes - Weather Concerns 11/16/16
County Connection County Connection 11/16/16
Social Networking Flyer Social Networking 11/16/16
Child Welfare Education for Baccalaureates CWEB 01/19/17
Child Welfare Education for Leadership CWEL 01/19/17
Administrators' Resource Handbook 2015 Administrators Resource Handbook 11/16/16
Leadership Academy Brochure 2018 Leadership Academy Brochure 05/24/18
PA Youth Advisory Board YAB Youth Advisory Board 11/16/16
Pennsylvania Child Welfare Demonstration Project description Child Welfare Demonstration Project 11/16/16
Citizen Review Panel Overview Citizen Review Panel 11/16/16
Practice Improvement Specialist Map Practice Improvement Specialist Map 11/16/16
15 Minute Rule 15 Minute Rule 11/16/16
Website Links of Our Partners Partners 11/16/16
Informational Resources and Websites PACWRC General Information 10/13/17
Acronym List PACWRC General Information 10/13/17